Cheers to 2017 – What are your goals for the New Year?

Goal Setting

Happy New Year!! Cheers to 2017! Two weeks of the New Year have almost already passed us by, have you accomplished any of your goals? I would love to hear from our readers.

I have started the New Year with about 3-5 main goals as I have every year; and I have been working through a major part of two of my goals already. We don’t have time to waste, I rested and relaxed for three straight days and yes I caught up on all my shows especially This is Us and Blacklist.  Since then I have hit the ground sprinting to get the job done.

My top 3 goals this year are:

  1. Create a lifestyle to eat healthy and workout (21 days to create a routine, 90 days to create a lifestyle) and stick with it. As usual I will yo-yo up and down, and I just can’t let myself do that anymore. Being healthy in our family is our number 1 priority, so we support one another. We also created a sort of Biggest Loser in our House, so we have weekly weigh-ins like the show, no wild challenges but just a support system.
  2. Declutter and Organize in all aspects – at home, my closet, bathroom cabinets and in my office. Maybe even add some thrift items to my online Ebay shop when I clean my closet.
  3. Stay FOCUSED on my GOALS for my shop boutique online. Continue to help it grow and conquer. Continue to gain new knowledge and skills. I would like to see Eee’s Creations decorate the world. Everyone has room for a quote in their home, office, classroom, patio..etc.

A few additional goals I always have and keep are to make the bed daily (something that I was taught as a young child), learn new dinner recipes, stay in touch with friends and family-stay connected, spend less on leisure walks through Target, and help spread happiness one day at a time.

Week of December 16th-24th

I have been setting up shop at many different events this month, two more to go to wrap up the season. It has been a busy few weeks, and some home cooked meals and sweets with movies on the go for twenty-four hours will feel great. A few top-secret projects in the works, so keep your eyes peeled for more to come!

In addition to home decor and gift ideas, I wanted to share thirty-one fabulous ideas for December, just a list of activities and ideas for December. List is continued from last week,

  1. Watch Christmas movies
  2. Make hot cocoa with overflowing marshmallows
  3. Host a pajama party
  4. Organize a cookie exchange
  5. Relax with Yoga
  6. Have a snowball fight
  7. Outdoors or indoors picnic
  8. Take a photo with Santa
  9. Play Board-games
  10. Snuggle on the couch
  11. Write a letter to Santa
  12. Eat a candy cane
  13. Build a snowman or a sandman (depending where you are located)
  14. Go sledding or ice-skating
  15. Listen to holiday tunes
  16. Ring in the New Year!


Week of December 8th-15th

Christmas and Hanukkah Eve are just about a week away, and there is just so much to do still. The holidays came up way to fast; they do say the time flies. As you know from previous blogs, this is my first year in ten years that I am not in the classroom and it is so different. I am so used to creating holiday decor in classrooms and being creative through using reading and writing strategies. Now I can use my creative juices toward my gift shop boutique online. I love growing my business, and learning new things.

What is the theme or colors of your Christmas tree or Holiday Bush? This year I wanted to change our tree a bit, maybe more for a change for me or maybe because I saw this oh so awesome tree on Pinterest and I felt the need to try to recreate it. The tree had the theme of Vintage North Pole with Toy Shop, so I thought why not give it a twirl. So I think this theme will be a work in progress for several years till I perfect it. Which is great, since we can grow our ornament collection, but I hope I don’t feel the need to change it again for something new for a while. I will attach pictures from Pinterest and from our tree so you can see the difference. We have always had a Tiffany Blue, Red and Silver/white theme. This year we added two elves in the tree, a few toy shop ornaments and added in some new vintage type ornaments as well as a pop of Lime Green. Please feel free to share with me via email your thoughts about our tree. Looking forward to hear from all our readers.

In addition to home decor and gift ideas, I wanted to share thirty-one fabulous ideas for December, just a list of activities and ideas for December. List is continued from last week,

  1. Drive around to see the lights
  2. Decorate Cookies
  3. Make paper snowflakes
  4. Make and decorate a gingerbread house
  5. Volunteer
  6. Stuff the Stockings
  7. Drink Eggnog
  8. Visit a Christmas Market/Holiday Market to shop local and support small businesses

Two weeks till the Big Events…what to prepare?

There are only TWO Fridays left till Christmas and Hanukah, if you haven’t found the perfect gift yet, you still have time. In between the shopping, there are also things to do at home to be prepared for special memories/moments you will love and cherish for years to come. Don’t worry, don’t stress; Stay Calm and follow your To Do List. I wanted to create a creative list of home chores that should be done before there is a line a mile long at your house of cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends stomping snow into the house, dropping their jackets off anywhere and creating chaos. The quote that always sticks with me most of all is from the movie Cool Runnings: “teamwork makes the dream work.” Working together before the day and being prepared will help the event run smoothly and you won’t feel like you didn’t get to enjoy it too. Here goes:

  1. Shop small
  2. Bake cookies and fill the house with an aroma of delicious foods
  3. Have extra coat hangers on hand
  4. Wash all bedding (especially if there will be guests staying over) Be prepared ahead of time for any last minute sleepovers
  5. Stock your house with water, soda, mixers
  6. Decorate your home inside and out, get into the festive spirit
  7. Volunteer to help others or make a donation
  8. Clean out the pantry and fridge and make sure to leave extra room for food and leftovers
  9. Plan the menu , shop ahead of time
  10. Remember the egg-nog
  11. Watch Christmas movies
  12. Cuddle; everything is better with hugs and cake
  13. Keep one or two spare gifts under the tree for suprise guests
  14. Make hot cocoa and marshmallows
  15. Keep Calm
  16. Eat a candy cane
  17. Make santa a plate of cookies and milk
  18. Create a new tradition for your little ones or for everyone a Christmas Eve or Holiday Eve box with new pajamas, hot cocoa and movie..just a unique idea
  19. Play in the snow or go ice skating
  20. Remember to shine bright!

There are many more ideas, but those are just a few to start your list.

December Weekly Home Decor and Gift Ideas Week 1

December Weekly Home Décor and Gift Ideas: Week of December 1st – 7th

I honestly can’t believe the year flew by so fast; it’s unbelievable, especially since this is the first year in ten years that I didn’t teach. My days are so different, and I love them but I wonder sometimes where the time goes. This month on our Instagram I wanted to share daily home décor and gift ideas, so if you are still looking for gifts or even gifts for yourself follow us @eeescreations on Instagram.

I wanted to share some lovely gift ideas with all of you, for the month of December and if you’re like me, you want to find the perfect gift for those special people in your life. The gifts we carry are unique and special, just like the holiday time usually is; to quote one of the signs from our Holiday Collection “There is Snow place like home for Christmas” ornament or wall décor. The holiday time is so much more then shopping and giving gifts; it is about spending time with family and friends that are family.

Some gift ideas from our online shop boutique this year are the gift of ornaments; it is always nice to add one to a collection. As well as it adds a fun idea or quote to a tree or wall décor. An ornament with a quote or saying can always be added as an additional gift, or as a gift tag to add something special to the wrapped present. We have a wide assortment of ornaments that add charm to any home.

In addition to home decor and gift ideas, I wanted to share thirty-one fabulous ideas for December, just a list of activities and ideas for December.

December 1st – 7th

  1. Decorate the house, office, car for the holidays
  2. Read The Polar Express to feel the holiday spirit
  3. Write Holiday Cards and mail them (be ahead of the game)
  4. Shop Online with Eee’s Creations
  5. Find a unique hiding spot for gifts, so there is no peaking from family or friends
  6. Create a gift list and budget
  7. Create unique gifts

More ideas to see in next week’s blog!

Thanksgiving is not a time of the year; it is a trait of the Character 

I thought it only appropriate since I love to drink coffee and especially Starbucks, I would name my blog categories after the seasonal flavors of coffee. With Thanksgiving just days away, I realize I haven’t done my usual assignment that I would do which is share something I am thankful for daily. Since I was a teacher for ten years, this is something I would always have my classes write about; sometimes even to challenge them I would say to write about something your thankful that isn’t tangible. I thought it would be great to share a list here with my readers, because it’s something I think many of us share with one another at thanksgiving dinner, or through the month and it’s a great way to learn about someone new.

I am thankful for….

  1. My hubby
  2. Love
  3. My family
  4. My friends that are family
  5. Nature…providing us oxygen
  6. Necessities- Roof, Clothes, Food
  7. Coffee = Energy
  8. Passion
  9. Determination
  10.   10.Reading = Gaining Knowledge
  11. Love of Writing

Those are just some of the ways I am thankful. There is so much more, the list would go on forever. I know this was a delayed post for November, but it seems as if the year just flew by from October, and before we knew it December was knocking at our door with the fun of the holidays and winter wonderland snow everywhere!


Baskets of Love To Go

With November 1st, 2016 just days away, Christmas music, movies and decorations will be popping out everywhere. I have always been one of those shoppers, which have to have the perfect gift for everyone. Sometimes I could shop for several days and find only gifts that are perfect for me not for others. I always recommend when shopping, make sure to buy something for yourself if it catches your eye.

The newest addition to the online gift shop is personal gifts picked by us for you. These gifts can be found in Baskets of Love To Go, almost like takeout food but these ones are gifts. These gifts are already designed with you in mind; it takes wasted hours away of aimlessly shopping and provides you the perfect gift.

Sometimes it can take several shopping trips and a few extra timeless hours that you really don’t have to find the exact perfect gift you want. That way we do it for you! We are in the process of designing more baskets and always want customer input. If you have some ideas of baskets you would like to see, send us an email in our Contact Us section. Currently we have baskets designed for baby showers, new babies and kids.

Share the love, and order your Basket today!

The Holidays are right around the corner…Find Gift Ideas Here

September 13th, 2016

As of today, the holidays are sprinting around the corner towards us, and we have no time to waste. Halloween is only 51 days away, make sure you have your candy bowls and costumes ready to go. Thanksgiving is 75 days away, and remember Tuesdays are great days to find discounts on flights.

Following our Autumn holidays of pumpkin spice and apple cider, our winter wonderland is floating around us. Kwanzaa is 107 days away, with January 1st, 2017 as the day to exchange creative gifts.  Find the most creative gifts here at Eee’s Creations with funny and sweet sayings that will have even the best of us rolling in giggles. Christmas is 106 days away, and as always, lists are being made and checked twice. Hanukkah is 106 days away too, falling on the same day as Christmas this year (2016), and lasting for 8 days. Check out Eee’s Creations Shop for the most unique gifts. As well as gift designer Elaine, herself can help you customize the perfect gift for anyone. Find holiday decor for yourself while shopping for others too. It is always fun to find bits for yourself too, YOU DESERVE IT! New Years is only 113 days away, find your glitter, glam and champagne. A great way to get others talking and laughing is with one of our own quotes and sayings that make fantastic gifts for anyone in your family or social circle.