Cheers to 2017 – What are your goals for the New Year?

Goal Setting

Happy New Year!! Cheers to 2017! Two weeks of the New Year have almost already passed us by, have you accomplished any of your goals? I would love to hear from our readers.

I have started the New Year with about 3-5 main goals as I have every year; and I have been working through a major part of two of my goals already. We don’t have time to waste, I rested and relaxed for three straight days and yes I caught up on all my shows especially This is Us and Blacklist.  Since then I have hit the ground sprinting to get the job done.

My top 3 goals this year are:

  1. Create a lifestyle to eat healthy and workout (21 days to create a routine, 90 days to create a lifestyle) and stick with it. As usual I will yo-yo up and down, and I just can’t let myself do that anymore. Being healthy in our family is our number 1 priority, so we support one another. We also created a sort of Biggest Loser in our House, so we have weekly weigh-ins like the show, no wild challenges but just a support system.
  2. Declutter and Organize in all aspects – at home, my closet, bathroom cabinets and in my office. Maybe even add some thrift items to my online Ebay shop when I clean my closet.
  3. Stay FOCUSED on my GOALS for my shop boutique online. Continue to help it grow and conquer. Continue to gain new knowledge and skills. I would like to see Eee’s Creations decorate the world. Everyone has room for a quote in their home, office, classroom, patio..etc.

A few additional goals I always have and keep are to make the bed daily (something that I was taught as a young child), learn new dinner recipes, stay in touch with friends and family-stay connected, spend less on leisure walks through Target, and help spread happiness one day at a time.

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