Week of December 8th-15th

Christmas and Hanukkah Eve are just about a week away, and there is just so much to do still. The holidays came up way to fast; they do say the time flies. As you know from previous blogs, this is my first year in ten years that I am not in the classroom and it is so different. I am so used to creating holiday decor in classrooms and being creative through using reading and writing strategies. Now I can use my creative juices toward my gift shop boutique online. I love growing my business, and learning new things.

What is the theme or colors of your Christmas tree or Holiday Bush? This year I wanted to change our tree a bit, maybe more for a change for me or maybe because I saw this oh so awesome tree on Pinterest and I felt the need to try to recreate it. The tree had the theme of Vintage North Pole with Toy Shop, so I thought why not give it a twirl. So I think this theme will be a work in progress for several years till I perfect it. Which is great, since we can grow our ornament collection, but I hope I don’t feel the need to change it again for something new for a while. I will attach pictures from Pinterest and from our tree so you can see the difference. We have always had a Tiffany Blue, Red and Silver/white theme. This year we added two elves in the tree, a few toy shop ornaments and added in some new vintage type ornaments as well as a pop of Lime Green. Please feel free to share with me via email your thoughts about our tree. Looking forward to hear from all our readers.

In addition to home decor and gift ideas, I wanted to share thirty-one fabulous ideas for December, just a list of activities and ideas for December. List is continued from last week,

  1. Drive around to see the lights
  2. Decorate Cookies
  3. Make paper snowflakes
  4. Make and decorate a gingerbread house
  5. Volunteer
  6. Stuff the Stockings
  7. Drink Eggnog
  8. Visit a Christmas Market/Holiday Market to shop local and support small businesses

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