Week of December 16th-24th

I have been setting up shop at many different events this month, two more to go to wrap up the season. It has been a busy few weeks, and some home cooked meals and sweets with movies on the go for twenty-four hours will feel great. A few top-secret projects in the works, so keep your eyes peeled for more to come!

In addition to home decor and gift ideas, I wanted to share thirty-one fabulous ideas for December, just a list of activities and ideas for December. List is continued from last week,

  1. Watch Christmas movies
  2. Make hot cocoa with overflowing marshmallows
  3. Host a pajama party
  4. Organize a cookie exchange
  5. Relax with Yoga
  6. Have a snowball fight
  7. Outdoors or indoors picnic
  8. Take a photo with Santa
  9. Play Board-games
  10. Snuggle on the couch
  11. Write a letter to Santa
  12. Eat a candy cane
  13. Build a snowman or a sandman (depending where you are located)
  14. Go sledding or ice-skating
  15. Listen to holiday tunes
  16. Ring in the New Year!


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