Two weeks till the Big Events…what to prepare?

There are only TWO Fridays left till Christmas and Hanukah, if you haven’t found the perfect gift yet, you still have time. In between the shopping, there are also things to do at home to be prepared for special memories/moments you will love and cherish for years to come. Don’t worry, don’t stress; Stay Calm and follow your To Do List. I wanted to create a creative list of home chores that should be done before there is a line a mile long at your house of cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends stomping snow into the house, dropping their jackets off anywhere and creating chaos. The quote that always sticks with me most of all is from the movie Cool Runnings: “teamwork makes the dream work.” Working together before the day and being prepared will help the event run smoothly and you won’t feel like you didn’t get to enjoy it too. Here goes:

  1. Shop small
  2. Bake cookies and fill the house with an aroma of delicious foods
  3. Have extra coat hangers on hand
  4. Wash all bedding (especially if there will be guests staying over) Be prepared ahead of time for any last minute sleepovers
  5. Stock your house with water, soda, mixers
  6. Decorate your home inside and out, get into the festive spirit
  7. Volunteer to help others or make a donation
  8. Clean out the pantry and fridge and make sure to leave extra room for food and leftovers
  9. Plan the menu , shop ahead of time
  10. Remember the egg-nog
  11. Watch Christmas movies
  12. Cuddle; everything is better with hugs and cake
  13. Keep one or two spare gifts under the tree for suprise guests
  14. Make hot cocoa and marshmallows
  15. Keep Calm
  16. Eat a candy cane
  17. Make santa a plate of cookies and milk
  18. Create a new tradition for your little ones or for everyone a Christmas Eve or Holiday Eve box with new pajamas, hot cocoa and movie..just a unique idea
  19. Play in the snow or go ice skating
  20. Remember to shine bright!

There are many more ideas, but those are just a few to start your list.

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