The Holidays are right around the corner…Find Gift Ideas Here

September 13th, 2016

As of today, the holidays are sprinting around the corner towards us, and we have no time to waste. Halloween is only 51 days away, make sure you have your candy bowls and costumes ready to go. Thanksgiving is 75 days away, and remember Tuesdays are great days to find discounts on flights.

Following our Autumn holidays of pumpkin spice and apple cider, our winter wonderland is floating around us. Kwanzaa is 107 days away, with January 1st, 2017 as the day to exchange creative gifts.  Find the most creative gifts here at Eee’s Creations with funny and sweet sayings that will have even the best of us rolling in giggles. Christmas is 106 days away, and as always, lists are being made and checked twice. Hanukkah is 106 days away too, falling on the same day as Christmas this year (2016), and lasting for 8 days. Check out Eee’s Creations Shop for the most unique gifts. As well as gift designer Elaine, herself can help you customize the perfect gift for anyone. Find holiday decor for yourself while shopping for others too. It is always fun to find bits for yourself too, YOU DESERVE IT! New Years is only 113 days away, find your glitter, glam and champagne. A great way to get others talking and laughing is with one of our own quotes and sayings that make fantastic gifts for anyone in your family or social circle.

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